Thursday, March 15, 2007

London to host LGBT employment event


13th March 2007 16:00
Amy Bourke

Brighton's LGBT Jobfairs have made history over the past three years by being the first of their kind in the UK and Europe. Now London is set to follow suit with a fair of its own.The London LGBT Jobfair, which will be taking place on April 4th, is hoping to replicate the success of the Brighton events. It will be organised by the same company, A Place at the Table. Persia West, a leading transsexual activist and founding partner of A Place at the Table, said: "There has been a fair for young people before, but there has simply not been anything on this scale in London. "We know that there is a demand for this kind of thing, which we're hoping to meet. "We want to create a welcoming environment where lesbain, gay, bi and transgender people can take advantage of the fantastic quality and range of work which will be available."Last August PACE, an LGBT mental health group and the London Development Agency (LDA) hosted Out Working: Youth LGBT Job Fair, which offered unemployed and economically inactive gay, lesbian and bisexual youths hands-on advice.Some of London's best known employers will be hosting stalls at the London LGBT Jobfair in April, among them the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and the London Fire Brigade. Other employers attending include the Crown Prosecution Service, the Metropolitan Police, Norwich Union and Ernst and Young.All the employers are looking for lesbian, gay and transgender staff who will be valuable assets to their companies.The fair will be held at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, a building in the heart of London which boasts a rich political history. Ghandi spoke at Central Hall in 1931, and the very first meeting of the United Nations took place there in 1946.The fair will be free.
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