Thursday, March 8, 2007

FTM International San Francisco Announces ‘Clocked: An Oral History’

Female-to-Male International San Francisco this week announced a film produced by its former Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member, Martin Rawlings-Fein. The film, Clocked: An Oral History, is the story of transgender activism and life through the eyes of the people. It is a first person portrait of the transgender community through personal insights, stories and reflections on the meaning of community and being transgender. “As an HRC activist, a filmmaker and a human being, it was wonderful to see the transgender community so tenderly captured,” remarked one viewer while another commented that the filmmaker “Taught this old broad about a way of looking at life through someone else’s eyes and heart.” People everywhere are watching parts of clocked through Rawlings-Fein’s Video Blog,, and there are plans to show it at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav this spring. There is a lack of visibility among transmen and transwomen with the transformative ideas that may allow for a more diverse community without robbing others of their identity. This film makes a statement that not all transpeople have the same narrative and that the transgendered umbrella may need to be rebuilt with a sturdier foundation.
Through a series of interviews and ethnographies in the greater transgender community, Rawlings-Fein creates a sense of intimacy with the films participants that allows the viewer a brief glimpse into their lives. The six participants that were chosen for the film range in identity from genderqueer to transsexual and each has their own story to tell. Along with the film aspect another more meticulous project is underway. Taking as many oral histories as Rawlings-Fein can from the elders in the trans community. “This project is a huge one,” Rawlings-Fein said, “but it is something that needs to be done for our younger community members.” People can view the complete oral histories of the films participants and others on Rawlings-Fein’s Video Blog. Rawlings-Fein is the father of a toddler, a lay leader at his local synagogue and a transsexual community activist. He currently resides inSan Francisco with his wife and child.
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