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CALL TO ACTION -- BOOK YOUR TICKECTS FOR MY FIRST EVER GENDER FEST.GENDER FEST is a pioneer event designed to break down barriers between Society and transgender people and to be a ‘Catalyst for Transgender People to find a Great Place in The World.’ It will provide a safe environment where people who want to understand more about transgender issues can learn and have fun in a relaxed informal manner. More details soon.Why this? Why now?Should Society fit the People or Should the People fit Society? This question is at the heart of the majority of my coaching. My philosophy is that Society should be a respectful place where people of all diverse natures co-exist. Sadly Society with it’s written and unwritten laws and prejudice falls short of this ideal. Europe strives to redress this balance through Human Rights and equality legislation and I seem to find myself at the cutting edge of the wave of reform. I have been described as a pioneer and to some extent this is true. I have the ability to connect to a future that doesn’t seem obvious to everyone.I first became aware of vision 15 years ago during what I describe as the technological revolution in British Government. I imagined communication as people networked together and sharing resources via intranets and gave a talk to the IT group in a major government dept. Ten years ago I was the founder member of a Cultural Festival which still happens annually and has broken down the barriers between culturally different groups in a city. My programmes , for which I received an award , created a structure to re-engage young socially excluded people and integrate them back into society. My niche then was Special Needs such as dyslexia and ADHD.Following this I was invited to coach The Cabinet Office Disability Working Group to change perceptions of Disabled People. The single most significant issue that is common to all these situations is FEAR. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the misunderstood. Fear of being discriminated against if you associate with people who don ‘t fit with societies perception of normal. I find myself drawn to working at the edge and using my creative ability create harmony between ‘normal society’ and people who don’t fit the mould ( if in fact any of us really do) This incredibly interesting life’s work has placed me at the door of the Transgender Society where I can feel the terror of intelligent gentle people struggling against all odds just to live in peace without the fear of discrimination and violence. My heart goes out to them and for that reason I have pledged to do what I am able to break down barriers for transgender people – of which there are many and develop programmes that are a Catalyst for Transgender People to Step into a Great Place in The World. I know that I will attract the people that I need to work collaboratively with me to achieve this. And , yes, I do feel scared by what I am doing but at the same time excited. If you would like to be involved I would love to hear from you – discretion guaranteed – at


Lynne Paris

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