Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You call it basic but its so honnest. and sweet !!!!!

26 de fevereiro
~ learned something new ~
today, i had the most interesting class in my college career a presentation that was given by four transgender guest speakers... they are all MTF, male to female transexual/transgender~~~ it was fasnating, because i dont know any bisexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender personally,
that's why i'm always curious about what is it like to be one and being so up and close with all of them today, i felt i've learned a lot!
from a sudden look, i cant even tell they were transgenders until they started to speak! those "ladies" were very lovely, despite the fact that they seem a bit out of proportion as each of them shared their stories about "coming out" the struggles they went through with themselves, with their families, etc but as each and everyone of them concluded in the end of the presentation, they are much happier now than they were before, because they can finally be who they are it was such a powerful presentation, at least in my opinion to know how those people went against all odds to make their dreams come to to be the "women" that they wanted to be, and be accepted for their truest selves.
and i cant help wondering, what is my truest self?

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Twiggy said...

Wow...things are not quite as open as that here...