Monday, November 9, 2009

Declaration of the Trans Rights Conference

Declaration of the Trans Rights Conference
28th October 2009, Malta

We, the participants of the European Trans Rights Conference, yearn for a Europe free from all discrimination1, where all people are valued equally irrespective of their gender identity and gender expression. We envision a Europe where people of all gender identities and gender expressions are fully respected and can live freely without any violations to their human rights and institutions’ interferences in their private lives, in accordance with the Yogyakarta Principles2. We want a Europe where health insurance funded adequate hormonal and surgical medical assistance is available in a non-pathologizing manner to all those trans people3 who seek it, and where no trans person is required to undergo any compulsory medical treatment (such as sterilization or gender reassignment surgeries) or a mental disorder diagnosis in order to change legal gender and/or name.....
Esta Declaração foi votada em Malta no dia 28/10/2009 por 48 votos a favor, 4 votos contra e 3 abstenções. (anexo)

31st European Conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Association
13th ILGA-Europe conference

...............A recommendation from workshop 17 to endorse the Declaration of the Trans Rights Conference (see annex 1) and to acknowledge its significance and the work and achievements of TGEU in bringing it to this point was approved by the conference after a vote:
• For: 122
• Against: 0
• Abstentions: 16...............

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